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As a child, I spent most of my time at sea, in nature and making art.

Today I enjoy combining the three and expressing my passion for visual creation.

From the moment I held a camera for the first time until today, I'm excited to observe and document our wonderful world. The field of visual storytelling is magical, authentic and very appealing to me.

My aim is to capture the most beautiful and meaningful moments.

In recent years, I have spent most of my time in Africa, and have fallen in love. I'm working with Safari company and now I lead groups of photographers and nature lovers to the wild savannah of Tanzania and Kenya. (contact me for details)

My goal these days is to bring compelling stories of wildlife from around the world, focusing on conservation efforts.

As a person who loves nature and enjoys simplicity, I bring a natural and authentic style to my work.

I'm available to hire for any kind of project(big or small) -

Promotion films, commercials, music clips, events etc.

I'm an experienced Photographer and Filmmaker, able to create and operate complex productions above and underwater:)

If you wish to give yourself or your relative's special gift, please check my fine art prints.


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A video article about a group of veterans that climbed up mountain Kilimanjaro. Broadcasted on Channel 11 Israel.

A video article about the situation in Tanzania during Covid-19 time. Broadcasted on Channel 13 Israel.

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